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In what country can you see a building made in the shape of the human body?   The Netherlands.


What is the capital of Austria ? - Vienna - For all countries and their capitals go to Bright Sparks


What are the 2 colours of Albania's Flag? Red and black. Link to all the flags of the world.


What country has the highest life expectancy? Macau. See list


What is the highest mountain in the world? Mount Everest


What mountain range is Mount Everest in?  The Himalayan Mountain Range. The Himalayas. More info...


Who first climbed Mount Everest?  Edmund Percival Hilary, a New Zealander and Tensing Norgay a Nepalese guide were the first men to reach the top of the mountain in 1953


In what country is the Underground Motel? Australia ... More info


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